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Pass SGS Anti-Virus & Bacterial Activity Test ?

Anti-Bacterial,Virus Activity > 99.9%

Comparison of protective of Meet Tec masks and other brand masks



Question & Answer

Flat N95 ? Does it really have N95 effect ? What is the difference with the general N95 ?

N95 represents a filtration rate over 95% for the particle size non-oily 0.3 micron or less. Our N95 antibacterial flat mask got approved by Taiwan TTRI test (third party test unit), and the effective filtration efficiency over 95%. Our breathability is even better than the normal N95 mask with a pressure difference of 130Pa, while the 3M N95 mask is more than 150Pa ( the smaller the value, the better the breathing).

In addition, it is necessary to test the blood penetration on the surface of mask to fit the criteria of medical use.


Blood is an extremely complex liquid solution. During the surgery, the doctor should be wear a mask when operation which can protect from the penetration of blood and body fluid.


For general user, it also can be used as the basic standard to against foam and body fluids from contagious.

What is the difference between the Meet Tec Medical N95 Antibacterial mask and other masks? 

Our core technic is having a multi-functional membrane technology through the cooperation between the Taiwan National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Chen Kung Hospital (you can see the large logo on the outer box). This technology is integrated into the mask and can be added with 5 functions. 1) Superior N95 PM2.5 filtration rate, 2) bacteria filtration effect > 99.99, 3) highly body fluid (including blood and saliva, etc.) resistant capacity up to 120 mm H2O which superior than the current regulation under 80 mm H2O, 4) With our organic antibacterial and antivirus activities components embedded membrane, which effectively inhibits the biological activities of Staphylococcus aureus and its drug resistant strand (MRSA), Escherichia coli and influenza A virus (H1N1)(Please refer to the SGS report) (the toxicity of nano silver cannot be evaluated as it has been banned by the USA and Europe for cosmetics and underwear products) 5) Resist the penetration of oily molecules (PM2.5 in the air is not only dust, but also oily molecules such as automobile tail smoke), and all effects are achieved by one layer of functional film. Thus, we have better breathing than the general N95 (<130Pa, his N95 respiratory impedance is about >150Pa).

We are the only one in Taiwan got the Class I and II medical licensed named "medical anti-bacterial flat N95 mask" products.Other masks producer often apply general medical (for easier got license); but in advertising, it adds some other features (such as antibacterial, PM2.5, etc.).

Moreover, everyone who have worn N95 before must know how difficult to breath (because the general N95 is physically isolated). Many friends wear our masks and find that the breathability of wearing them is not much different from that of general medical masks. This is our value.

Other oil-repellent particles, bacteria and high liquid impedance, which we specialize in, are also certified by third-party laboratories.

At present, we have physicians and nursing staff who are used inside the National Cheng Kong Hospital, and they are very satisfied with the use of our products.

How long does it take for your mask to be replaced?

Our masks are similar to general surgical masks. For clinical use, it is recommended to use about 6 to 8 hours, which is to replace one each day. When entering the indoor space or temporarily need to take off, you can first put the mask inward and put it into a sealable zipper tape to store it. The functional film on the outside of the mask can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Basically, the timing of replacement will vary depending on the environment. It is recommended to replace if there is any odor or if the breathing is not smooth.

Is there a leakage rate in the flat mask?What about Meet Tec Mask?

According to a press release issued by the Institute of Labor Safety and Health, 2003/3/17, a mask that is usually hung on the ear with two elastic bands, about 50% of the air leaks from the surrounding gap into the inside of the inlet cover. Our mask is designed to solve this problem. A C-ring is designed on both sides of the mask. It will be applied to the cheeks. Compare to the general in line mask, the general mask will be lifted up after wearing to increase the probability of leakage. Our C-Ring can help the user to reduce the leakage rate of the mask on both sides, and because of the good adhesion, the mirror surface is not easy to fog when carrying the glasses. According to the evidence, the leakage rate is reduced from 50% to 17% (the highest value), which greatly improves the effect when used.

I heard people say that some masks can be washed;can your mask also washable?

At present, there are some masks that have been heard to be washable. It is probably a mask called nano film (referred to as PTFE_Teflon film). However, if you actually look at it, you will find that their washing can only be done by using gentle water to make two-sided pats, it is strictly prohibited to be rub, and there is no guarantee that the protective performance after washing is complete. In addition,the medical equipment is not reusable in terms of medical equipment regulations, so we do not recommend users to clean medical masks.

Will your brand have a 3D mask?

Yes, it is currently being developed by the design team. It will be announced on the official website at the first time.

I heard that there are other masks that have similar function as your mask claimed. How are you different from them?

At present, the only mask with similar function on the market is the mask named nano film (PTFE_Teflon film). Under the comparison of the two, the effective volume ratio (dust holding capacity) of the product is much better than that of the product. PTFE, and fluorine-containing molecules cannot be used in medical device regulations. Therefore, whether it is by nano film or nano silver (the toxicity of nano silver cannot be evaluated, the US products in cosmetics and underwears have been banned, and products such as nano silver fiber have been banned in Europe) to achieve filtration and antibacterial effects. The masks are absolutely incapable of entering the medical channel. The reason is very simple. The original materials used by them have not been confirmed. They cannot guarantee their products will not be toxic to the human body under long-term use. We are the only mask that got approved by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare with 3rd party certification





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