Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics of multifunctional membrane

1. Can be coated on different substrates

2. Controllable for pore size and thickness of membrane

3. With antibacterial effect

Comparison of antibacterial mechanism with
Multi-Functional membrane metal nanoparticles

Comparison table with commercially available filter products:

Sub-micron penetration rate and differential pressure test results (CNS14755)

Surface characterization of modified subtracts

1. Simple spray treatment can make the surface waterproof

2. Against oil droplets or alcohol penetration

Advantages of coating technology

Niches of multi-function membrane integration

Applicable for different product

Types of applicable products with multi-functional membrane

Currently applicable products

1. Masks, Filters : Flat type N95 mask


2. Portable personal spray cans to achieve water-proof capability,oil resistance or antibacterial properties according to personal needs, such as shoe upper treatment to make it waterproof (snow)

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