• Demonstration of water-proof capability of paper substrate after coating

After coating, it can strengthen the waterproof capability of paper products. The super absorbent toilet paper is not only waterproof, but can even pressed into the water directly without being damaged.

  • Demonstration of oil-proof capability on mask after coating

After the integration of membrane with mask product. The droplets of silicone oil will penetrate directly in the uncoated area, meanwhile in the coated area, the oil droplets cannot penetrate and will flow away as well as water droplets

  • Demonstration of water-proof capability of plastic substrates after coating

On plastic fiber materials, such as non-woven fabrics, can enhanced waterproof capability after coating and make water droplets jump on the fabric surface, due to highly-repellency of water.

  • Demonstration of anti-blood penetration and self-cleaning capabilities on protection cloth after coating

After coating on the clothing material, the droplets of blood can not be penetrated through and can be easily wiped off which indicated the wide applications on surgical gowns or disposable protective clothing.

  • Demonstration on daily product

Anti-fouling and waterproof capabilities can be achieved easily by air spray on bags, clothes or shoes.

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